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As an Alberta and Ontario Registered Psychologist, I work with a wide range of clients and issues including: stressdepressionanxietygrief counselling, separation & divorceworkplace problemswork/life balance, career changes and unemployment, marriage counselling, couples and relationship counselling, family therapy, parenting strategies and preventative therapy.

It takes courage to seek help when life isn’t going smoothly and our regular methods of coping are not solving the issues we encounter.  My therapeutic approach engages clients in safe, objective, supportive and constructive conversations about the isolating and difficult issues we face.

I'm a passionate and experienced psychologist and counsellor, dedicated to the overall health and wholeness of individuals, couples and families.


Many of life's challenges are manifest during times of transition and change. Whether it’s due to new stages in relationships, family, career, or changes in health and lifestyle, these events have the ability to significantly impact one’s life. Often what results from these transitions are feelings of anxiety, stress, depression, loss and failed coping mechanisms.

My therapeutic approach is based on the idea that through these transitions, people can find strength, understanding, purpose, connection, meaning and hope. I support clients in a safe, creative and confidential environment. My goal is to see clients through difficult times to emerge as stronger and more resilient individuals, empowered with strategies and the confidence to thrive through life’s changing circumstances. I have been a registered psychologist in Calgary since 2008.

I have been described by my peers and clients as working with tremendous insight and wisdom. I believe this is from my holding and honouring what you are going through as the most important thing in your life at this moment.  I hear you share your present reality yet recognise it in the context of your developmental journey and culmination of experiences.  In this way we can explore the meanings, patterns and stories that become your truth and consider how these serve or impede you moving forward.  So with psychological, sociological and philosophical underpinnings we can explore who the true you is from which I believe 'healthy people make healthy choices'.  Further, theological foundations can also be integrated into our work together as I am a practicing Christian and regular meditator.  I am always curious and considerate of your spiritual perspectives and preferences.  I invite you to be your full self in session with me which means your unique spirituality and faith are welcome should you wish for this to be part of our work together.

My supportive, empowering and compassionate approach is especially important for putting new clients at ease during their initial appointments and engaging them in the processes most important to them. I'm often told that I have a special way of allowing people to open up in ways they haven’t otherwise experienced.


I encourage you to ask me any question about myself because successful mental health therapy is often determined by the trust between a counsellor and a client.

Let me share briefly some of my background so that you have a better understanding about me as a counsellor:

Growing up in small town Saskatchewan helped me appreciate the community unity that still defines my desire for strong family and neighbourhood connections. Sadly, my family dealt with many big losses early in my life, but with the help of a strong community, I learned much in the way of living through pain, change and loss.

I completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Saskatchewan, majoring in Sociology and Psychology, and completed a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology at the University of Calgary. Before becoming a registered psychologist, I worked with numerous non-for-profit agencies in Saskatchewan, Alberta and West Africa. At each of these positions, I worked tirelessly with the goal of improving the lives of individuals, families and communities by integrating common needs and promoting collaboration, health and preventative strategies. I have been a psychologist in Calgary focused in private practice since 2008.


Areas of profound interest to me are:

  • Attachment, family unity and communication
  • Couples counselling, and pre-marriage preparation
  • Emotions and their impact on intelligence, functioning and experiencing
  • Brain science and resulting impacts on mental, physical, psychological & spiritual health
  • Christianity, spirituality, and finding hope during difficult times
  • Life changes and transitions
  • Creativity, identity, self-esteem and expression, personal fulfillment and living one’s purpose
  • Nature and its role in healing
  • Mindfulness and body centered psychotherapy

I hope this has given you some insight into me as a counsellor. I very much look forward to speaking to you .


Academic Education:

Mental Health Training & Certifications:

  • Hakomi Institute of Calgary - Two Year Comprehensive Professional Skills Training
  • Advanced Skills on Trauma, Anxiety, Mindfulness, & Related Disorders - Canadian Mental Health Summit
  • Bronze Seal of Endorsement - Alberta Fire Fighters Association
  • Occupational Awareness Training for Therapists treating First Responder Trauma - First Responder Health
  • The Re-creation of the Self as an Approach to Psychotherapy - Intensive Training by Jon Eismen
  • Emotion Focused Therapy Couples Workshop - Hold Me Tight by Veronica Kallos-Lilly and Lucy Pascal
  • Hakomi Method Introduction - Covering the Principles of Mindfulness, Non-violence, Unity, Organicity and Mind-Body Wholeness by Jaci Hall
  • Working with Couples - A Professional Development Workshop for Hakomi Graduates by Beth Falch-Nielsen
  • Couples Counselling - Theory and Practice Essentials by Sig Taylor
  • Resilience, Recovery and Relationship - Towards Flourishing Children and Youth by the Neufeld Institute
  • Trauma & PTSD in First Responder Populations - PAA and Megan McElheran
  • Between Emergencies - A Look at Mental Health in EMS by Greg Gorecki
  • First Step, Right Stop, Psychological Services Providers for EMS Introduction - Alberta Paramedic Association
  • Conflicting Values: Tools to decrease tension and support health - Susan Burke
  • Healing Shame: Helping Therapists Understand, Defuse and Transform Client's Shame - Bret Lyon and Sheila Rubin
  • Refugees and Trauma - Understanding and Supporting Resilience - Crisis Training Resource Institute
  • ​It’s the Law: What every Therapist/Counsellor Needs to Know - Robert Solomon
  • ​We are the Tools of Our Trade: How the Therapist’s Own Attachment Patterns Shape Therapy - David Wallin
  • Recreation of the Self Level 1 and 2: Introduction to the Model and the Method - Jon Eisman
  • Attending to Attachment: A Mindfulness Based Experiential Training - Julie Murphy
  • Depression in Pregnancy - Executive Links
  • ​Hakomi Approach to Working with Couples - Jaci Hull​
  • Presence in Grief and Dying - Hospice Calgary
  • ​Survivor of Torture/ War Trauma Intervention: Best Practices - Calgary Catholic Immigration Society
  • ​Reconsidering Trauma: Treatment Advances, Relational Issues and Mindfulness in Integrated Trauma Therapy - John Briere
  • Emotion Focused Therapy Institute Level 1 - Les Greenberg
  • Emotional Fitness Coach Training - Emotional Fitness Institute
  • ​Orientation to Calgary and Area - Child and Family Services
  • ​Client-Directed Outcome-Informed Therapy - Scott Miller

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