Shantelle Szuch

Registered Clinical Psychologist

Phone: 306.681.3234          Email:

Shantelle is an esteemed Clinical Psychologist in Alberta and Saskatchewan having over ten years of clinical assessment experience with diverse populations including adults, public safety personnel and veterans, front line workers and health care professionals, athletes, adolescents and children.  Her assessments help you explore your symptoms without self-judgement, gain understanding of your responses to people and circumstances and will empower you to gain renewed agency and authority in your decisions and actions, with or without a formal diagnosis.

Shantelle also offers solid trauma treatment for complex trauma through her Trauma Focused CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Cognitive Processing Therapy.

Shantelle grew up in Moose Jaw, SK, moving to Calgary in 1998 to complete her university education. Her first job was in a local 5 pin bowling alley! She worked in a variety of positions both "front line" in group care and treatment and clinical positions for nonprofit and provincial health authorities before entering private practice.

Shantelle’s qualifications and professionalism ensure your work with her is of the highest quality and competence.

Shantelle Szuch
Job Title
Registered Clinical Psychologist
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