Daniel Goleman giving presentation at intelligence2

Emotional Intelligence

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This is an insightful lecture from Dr. Daniel Goleman, a world renowned psychologist who is known for his work on emotional intelligence and learning. The video explains how high achievement for ourselves and our children can be obtained by focus, mindfulness, positivism and preparation; all skills that I teach my clients and here they are […]

Dishonesty Film Poster: The Truth About Lies


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If you have Netflix, there is an entertaining documentary film called Dishonesty, which focuses on work done by Duke University professor Dan Ariely on the topic of lying. What may be surprising to you (or not), is that lying to ourselves and to others is very commonplace. The film delves into some of the experimentation […]

Breakfast food Brownies with chocolate chips on wooden table

Breakfast Food Ideas

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A number of clients have spoken with me about their low energy levels, or ways to increase their mood, productivity and self control. As you know, eating wholesome breakfast food is crucial but how to do it quickly is the question. Carbs and fats (ie: toast and cereal included!) aren’t getting you going for long. […]