New Year 2024

New Year 2024 with gold sparkles and golden tile floor

Happy Start to a New Year!  While I don’t prescribe resolutions per se, for they seem synonymous with the words hype and flop, I do know we all benefit from a reset, recreation and restart from time to time.  Change is an essential component of life and our ability to experience it, be educated by it and embrace it is what makes us well rounded, harmonious and flexible.   So with the winds of change ever blowing, there is never a better time than the present to create the environment within your head, heart, body and home that you want for yourself.

Two things that are are changing for me this new year that I am experiencing, learning from and embracing is a change of office.  We are moving into a new office space!  A space to restore my energy and yours that is more permanent and aligned.  More information on that will come in the following weeks!  Until then, my apologies for the disruption of not being able to offer in person office appointments after the third week of January as I will be needing a few weeks of only working online as we get things set up in the new space.

A second part of this change is that some new practitioners will be joining an already outstanding team working alongside me this January!  They are pretty awesome in all they are and contribute to the wellness of those they work with.  Again, giving you a taste of what is to come before the feast of new information to come in the coming weeks!

So in conclusion, know we are all in a state of transition.  Everyone’s story will have change in it and we can all help one another by offering compassion, encouragement and connection.

I cannot help but to share an article about resolutions themselves for key ideas that help us stay whole the entire year through…



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New Year 2024
Create the environment within your head, heart, body and home that you want for yourself in the New Year 2024.