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During a recent road trip with my family, we passed a truck on the highway with a clever bumper sticker that read: “If you don’t like passing big trucks on the road, don’t buy so much stuff ! ” While I know trucking is an essential industry and the profession is very demanding, the saying […]

Be kind and be useful

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From a seat high in the stands surrounded by a popcorn eating lunch crowd, I had the chance last week to hear former President Barack Obama answer some questions about lessons from his life. What struck me most, whether we see Obama as collective or divisive depending on the issues he dealt with from race […]

Bell Let’s Talk Day

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Today, January 30th, is Bell Let’s Talk Day.  The initiative began in 2010 and since then has gained traction as a way for Canadians to have a conversation and be engaged in mental health.  Since it’s inception, Bell Let’s Talk Day has attracted Canadian celebrities and spokespeople to the cause of engagement and action to […]

New year’s message

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A new year has begun. Many of us are speaking of new beginnings, new year’s intentions and resolutions. I personally like to speak of a new years theme and how it can unfold and strengthen throughout the year ahead. You see there are six simple questions that can help us seize the hope and vitality, […]

How to ensure your friendship will stand the test of time – by: Lisa Van De Geyn of Canadian Living Magazine

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You probably already know the importance of best friends: Having that special first-rate friend (I’m looking at you, Aimee) gives you greater strength when the going gets tough. According to recent research from the University of Leeds in England, the greater the quality of the study participants’ best friendships, the more resilient they were a […]

Grant Study

Grant and Glueck Study

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Love: It is complicated and challenging yet yields the greatest reward.  It makes us grow and experience ourselves fully. In 1939, Harvard Medical School began tracking the lives of two groups of men to identify the psycho-social predictors of healthy aging. The two groups consisted of 456 poor men growing up in Boston from 1939 […]