New Year … New Potential

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While I think every time of year is a good time to pursue better health, the enthusiasm and fresh start of the new calendar year can be a particularly strong motivator to begin a new and improved health regime. Unfortunately, according to statistics, after the first few weeks over 80% have already given up.

So, what is the best way to start and how can you improve your chances of success? Detox program? Juice cleanse? Fasting? Should you try the Keto diet or become Vegan? So many questions, and the right answer is … “it all depends.”

Everyone is unique, from the colour of your eyes, hair and skin right down to your biochemistry. Each of us has a different history and aspires to different health goals, so it stands to reason that your health regime should be as personalized and unique as you are. One of the reasons that most diets fail is that they fail to address you as an individual. Another argument against diets is that the priority is backwards. You need to be healthy to lose weight, not the other way around. Yet another problem is that focusing only on WHAT you consume neglects the reality of your complex nature. HOW your body digests, absorbs and assimilates nutrients is equally important as food choice.

Customizing nutrition to meet your specific needs has the potential to reset your health! Correcting nutrient deficiencies and optimizing digestion deeply nourishes you to the core of your being – your gut (otherwise known as your intestinal system). Your gut is the “missing link” – the key to building better health, according to recent scientific evidence.

Benefits of Gut Health:

    • relieve symptoms of indigestion
    • reduce food sensitivities and intolerances
    • boost immune function and minimize autoimmune reactions
    • improve mood disorders such as anxiety and depression
    • benefit symptoms of PMS and menopause
    • reduce pain and inflammation
    • mitigate skin conditions such as acne and eczema
    • improve sleep quality
    • better weight management

The best news is that YOU can determine your gut health!

Factors that influence Gut Health:

    • sleep
    • stress
    • exercise
    • some prescription medications
    • environmental toxins and chemical exposure
    • what you eat, drink and the supplements you take

Learn how to customize your food choices and lifestyle with simple strategies that specifically target your gut health.

*Spoiler alert:  this is not the same old nutrition advice you have heard before.

This New Year I encourage you to reset your health. Eating for gut health is a powerful tool with the potential to benefit your physical and mental wellbeing; and it can be used to compliment any treatment or therapy protocol. You are going to eat anyway – why not eat to improve gut health?

~ Pam

Article Name
New Year … New Potential
Customizing nutrition to meet your specific needs has the potential to reset your health.