Afghan and Ukrainian evacuees

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Hello Friends.  We have recently learned just how scarce housing is for recently arrived Afghan and Ukrainian evacuees.  In one conversation with the Centre for Newcomers, we heard that only 120 homes (in all of Calgary!) have hosted over 900 families until they find permanent accommodation (and jobs).  There are new families arriving daily.  I hope we can assist by spreading the word that many families are without options at the end of their two week government supported hotel stay.

If you have any space in your home to host an individual or a family (for an interim of time up to two months approximately), here is the information we collected from the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society and the Centre for Newcomers.  Reach out to them if you have any questions and please also help spread the word to friends and neighbours (and post on social media if you can).   Thank you.

~ Maria

We are matching Ukrainian families in need with hosts to help the arrivals to settle in Alberta faster since the housing situation is really difficult in Calgary and surrounding cities in general.

To become a host, you would need to get your police check done if you don’t have it yet. We provide a volunteering letter to reduce the cost for it. It usually takes two weeks to finish the process.

Under this project, you can host the family for up to one-two months (depending on your preferences).

Your commitment is only to provide accommodation and kitchen access and cupboard space for one to two months. The rest is the responsibility of a tenant. Ukrainian arrivals have to provide food for themselves.

CCIS and the Centre for Newcomers provides post-arrival support once the family lands here and register with either agency.

Our settlement counselors will guide and work with them.

Also, the arrivals will be able to apply for one-time government support and receive 3000 CAD per adult and 1500 CAD per child. Our settlement counselor will help them to apply for it once they have their banking account. This support will allow them to cover their basic needs and pay rent once they find their permanent accommodation.

To continue with the process, please answer the following questions and we will find a suitable match for you from the arrivals.

How many people are you willing to host (persons)? 

What will be your preference (females with children, families of 4, 3, elderly)? 

How many beds do you have for an arriving family? 

If you are willing to accept children, what will be the preferable age of the children? 

Do you accept pets? 

When are you available to host a family? 

For how long (max.) are you willing to host an arriving family? 

Do you have a police check done? 

Where are you located? 

Thank you one more time for your great help.


Kateryna Bryzh

Housing Liaison for Ukrainian Project Initiative

Calgary Catholic Immigration Society



Nataliia Shen

Housing Coordinator for Vulnerable Populations

Centre for Newcomers