New year’s message

Man walking down road towards 2019 finish line

A new year has begun. Many of us are speaking of new beginnings, new year’s intentions and resolutions. I personally like to speak of a new years theme and how it can unfold and strengthen throughout the year ahead.

You see there are six simple questions that can help us seize the hope and vitality, momentum and courage of what a new year means.

So consider first a word; action or verb, something that helps you capture the vibe and call of 2019.   This is your Theme.

Let us say your theme is SELF LOVE which of course blends into the ideas of SELF ACCEPTANCE, SELF ESTEEM, SELF CARE, SELF AWARENESS, SELF COMPASSION…  something each of us can identify with.

In order to opertationalise this theme into something we can both do and be, write two statements of what is possible.

  1. START To love myself, accept myself, what can I start?

It can be within any of the realms; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, playful, etc.

Ex.  I can start my day saying “today is going to be a great day”

I can start my morning with a stretch, smile and song…

  1. STOP  What needs to STOP to ensure SELF AWARENESS?

Ex. I need to stop telling myself the same old story of where I am inadequate.  I need to stop looking for evidence of this.

  1. SAVOUR What can you savour to embrace SELF ACCEPTANCE?

Ex. Today I will find beauty and laughter somewhere in and/or around me and when I do I will breathe it in, enjoy it and share with someone close.

  1. CREATE  What will SELF ESTEEM help me create?

Ex.  I want closer relationships that matter so I will create a calendar of times to have people over for supper, sharing my time, my effort, my home, my love.

  1. CONTINUE  What am I doing already that contributes to my SELF LOVE?

Ex. I will continue to be grateful for the blessings of my day. I will share them, record or journal them, I will remember to ask others what they are thankful for. I will continue to be active and wise in my choices of what I feed my body.

  1. CHANGE  With SELF COMPASSION what can I change to live to a better 2020?

Ex. I can catch myself in old patters of behaving, be it from a trigger of being hungry, hurt, annoyed, angry, lonely, lost, tired, thirsty (HALT triggers) and give myself and others a second chance to start over, make amends, repair any damage caused by my insensitivity.

I invite you to choose your theme.  Write out 12 ways to have it come alive as we have done above. There are so many possibilities.  And write these into your monthly calendar so that each month, you have one area of your theme to focus on and expand from month to month giving yourself 12 tasks to make your theme a natural part of your day to day life.

I am eager to hear what you chose, how you are living it and how it will change you.  I am here to support you in this every step of the way.

Believing in you, always, Maria