Bell Let’s Talk Day

Bell lets talk day poster Jan 30 2019 with oilfield worker

Today, January 30th, is Bell Let’s Talk Day.  The initiative began in 2010 and since then has gained traction as a way for Canadians to have a conversation and be engaged in mental health.  Since it’s inception, Bell Let’s Talk Day has attracted Canadian celebrities and spokespeople to the cause of engagement and action to support mental health.

Bell Let’s Talk has four pillars of action.  First, to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and promote awareness and understanding of the issues facing so many Canadians.  Secondly, the program supports channels of care and access for people to find the help they need.  Thirdly, a focus has been put on continuing research into mental illness.  And lastly, the program supports workplace engagement with various Canadian corporations by adopting the voluntary Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

To date, Bell has donated over $93 million to mental health programs, with the goal of surpassing $100 million.

If you are interested in participating in Bell Let’s Talk Day, please visit

Thanks, Maria.