Skills Every Child Will Need to Succeed in 21st century

The skills needed to succeed in our parent’s generation differs from the skills needed to succeed in our generation.  Likewise, skills to succeed for our children are likely going to be different as well.  In this short video, Dr. Laura Jana, a pediatrician, author and leader in early education and public health offers some ideas to will help you and your kids to be prepared to succeed in 21st century.

According to Dr. Jana, two-thirds of skills needed to be successful will continue to come from the traditional “IQ” skills of mathematics, sciences, reading, writing and comprehension.

However, one-third will come from what Dr. Jana describes as the “QI” (key) skills, which can be broken down into seven categories:

  1. ME Skills: self-control and impulse control
  2. WE Skills: communication, active listening empathy and ability to learn from others. (WE skills and ME skills combined are referred to Emotional Intelligence.)
  3. Why Skills: exploration, curiosity and asking good questions
  4. Will Skills: self-motivation and determination
  5. Wiggle Skills: movement and physical interaction with the outside world
  6. Wobble Skills:  the ability to face and overcome challenges and failures
  7. What-if Skills:  imagination, creativity and out of the box thinking

Dr. Jana encourages parents and teachers to keep these “QI” skills in mind during early childhood education.

I welcome you to watch the entire video here: