Smartphone notifications

Smartphone notifications

It’s almost April, three months since the start of 2022!  How time flies!  Where does the time go?

One way time escapes is through automatic, unconscious, repetitive thoughts and actions that do not serve us and actually overwhelm us.

According to a U.S. study from 2019, people check their smartphones on average 96 times per day, or once every 10 minutes.  That’s a lot, right?  And then consider that many individuals aged 18-24 check it twice as often.  That is 200 times a day on average; at least once every 5 minutes!

That’s a lot of time!

Research has also shown that smartphone use triggers a dopamine response, which can partially explain this repetitive, if not addictive, behavior.  Unfortunately, this can lead to negative repercussions in one’s life and relationships, as it creates an unhealthy dependence on technology for companionship, entertainment, validation, comforting, and stimulation, replacing the attributes we seek from fellow humans.

I challenge you to do one thing differently so that you are mindful of where your time is going this month.   It is such an amazingly simple solution to help curb the constant phone checking: shut off all notifications, with perhaps the exception of the ringer.

Most smartphone’s default settings have audio and vibrate notifications activated.  The phone will make a noise and vibrate with every alert:  a text message, email, Facebook & Instagram message, news posting, gaming notice, weather alert, etcetera, etcetera.

By simply turning these off, it will at least reduce one prompt to check your phone, and stay in the present moment.  And while you are at it, consider putting your phone on airplane mode overnight and keeping it in the kitchen!

Give it a try, I hope it gives you a few extra precious moments to enjoy without distraction.

How to:

Turn of smartphone notifications on Android:

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~ Maria

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Smartphone’s default settings have notifications activated. Turn them off and regain some precious moments to enjoy without distraction.