Strategies for Success

Strategies for Success

Introducing these simple strategies for success to help you achieve more and be a happier and healthier individual.


Sugar – Get energy from what is good nutrition not easy substitutes. Drink water, start your day with protein, eat slowly with lots of bites.

Substances – Caffeine, cannabis, alcohol, drugs are temporary relief. They honestly don’t bring you anything by way of long term happiness.

Screens – Make it a mindful choice to keep social media off phone and use only at set times in a day or week. Keep out of bedroom!

Stress – Notice your intentions, focus on strengths, structure time. Know your priorities and values. Reset with breathing and perspective.

Shame – Interrupt making yourself wrong and notice when you attack yourself, someone else, feel complacent, resigned or withdrawn.

Stories of Comparison – Compare only to yourself, yesterday.  Reflect on your actions, words, thoughts and make conscious choices.

Should’s – Giving the best you are and all you can is enough. When you know better, do better.  Today, create space to respond not react.


Solidarity – We are all in this together. We all carry our own pain and walk our own path.  Being gentle with others helps be kind to ourselves.

Sleep – Consistent schedule when possible. A key to handling all difficulties with grace and power. Let go of day with routine to embrace new.

Simplicity – It is all in the heart, it is in our attitude, approach and actions. What is truly needed most?  Your presence and empathy.

Speak and Share – We all have experience that others can benefit from.  Sharing joy multiples them, sharing struggles divides them.

Social Networks and Activities – Keep yourself engaged and active, out in the world and within your home.  People want to be there for you, give them opportunities to connect.  Create a life you are proud of by inviting others to join you in what gives you inspiration.

Structure – Keep a routine. Use rituals to keep connected. Have time outdoors everyday. Give yourself time no matter how small.

Safety and Security in your Home and Relationships – We need to feel safe to be open and vulnerable to share our true selves.

Soothing, soft, slow words and touch for you and loved ones – Slow down and be close and connected with loved ones at every age.

Sexuality and Sensuality – There are many ways to stay intimate, they all start with closeness and communication so explore and experience.

Self Compassion and Self Acceptance – Our relationship with ourselves is based on knowing we have inherent worth, purpose, belonging. Meditate and grow this practice. Consider Tara Brach’s Recognition and Allowing what Is, Investigate and grow Natural Awareness kindly.

Supplements – Everyday Omega 3 and Vit. D. Probiotics? Magnesium?  Drs, naturopaths, holistic nutritionists have amazing suggestions.

Strength – Cardio, Core, Stretch/Yoga/Pilates and Walking and Weights.  Integrate these 5 pillars of exercise into day; anytime, anywhere, any amount. It is the consistency and frequency that count!

Sing and Dance – To make everyday positive! This truly will exercise every mental and emotional muscle needed to be your best self.

Second Chances – Everyone needs a redo. Take a breath and leave space to try again. You and others will benefit from taking this step back to make a step forward together.  Learn to apologise, to repair, to forgive, to let go and laugh at how we all make beautiful mistakes,

Spirituality and Spaciousness – However you find it, ground yourself in the love and gratitude that we enjoy the gift of this beautiful world.

Self Esteem – What we say to ourselves we believe. Be kind, listen to your inner voice and tame the inner critic. See yourself as loveable.

Smile – It is our body’s way of knowing reassurance, appreciation, affection, acknowledgment and optimism. Give generously.

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Introducing these simple strategies for success to help you achieve more and be a happier and healthier individual.