Remembrance Day 2021

Remembrance Day poppies

During this time of Remembrance, I reflect on the remarkable clients who I have worked with that have recently arrived in Canada from war torn regions of the Middle East and Africa.  War has the ruthless ability to devastate the physical, the social, the emotional as well as the mental wellbeing of all involved.   My current work with CCIS’s Centre for Refugee Resilience (Survivors of Torture program) reinforces the fact that unimaginable suffering has not only occurred in decades past but continues in our present-day world.

Today I also reflect on all those who are called upon to keep the rest of us safe from the horrors of conflict, both at home as members of the police, as well as members of our armed forces and intelligence agencies.  It is humbling what these women and men have chosen to do and be exposed to in filling these roles, and in turn it is for us to offer them the respect and support needed to ensure they are able to provide the safety and security that we all desire.

Let us live in peace today; in our own bodies, hearts and minds, by not doing violence unto ourselves and therefore not unto others either through judgements, carelessness or misuses of power.  Let us use compassion in all we think, say and do.

On November 11th , I trust that you will join me in remembering all those who died in conflict, whether military or civilian, whether in the present time or in wars of yesteryear, whether aggressor or defender.  For their friends and family and for those who continue to sacrifice today, let us offer a moment of acknowledgement, remembrance and respect in our silence.

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Remembrance Day 2021
For those who died in conflict and for those who continue to sacrifice , let us offer a moment of acknowledgement and respect in our silence.