Semi Trucks on highway with other traffic

During a recent road trip with my family, we passed a truck on the highway with a clever bumper sticker that read: “If you don’t like passing big trucks on the road, don’t buy so much stuff ! ”

While I know trucking is an essential industry and the profession is very demanding, the saying had me reflect on the truth of the statement as it relates to mental health and the congestion ‘stuff’ brings into our lives.

Consider that more physical objects around us increases our anxiety, worry and sense of imbalance.  So instead I invite you to de-clutter and simplify your space and mind.  You’ll see gains in your health, sense of freedom, time, purpose, self confidence, money, calm, balance, relationships, experiences and self awareness.  By not holding on to ‘stuff’, you can build a better future both within yourself and out in the world.  That is deep breath we can all can take on the highway of life !

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