Welcome to 2022

Year 2022

I thought it was clever when a colleague of mine, Dr. Houyan sent a wish at the start of the year to “let’s make it a real 2022 instead of 2020 too”.  It made me pause, consider what was meant, and smile.  How true!  Let’s create this to be a year of its own.

If you know me, you know I love reflection and rituals, and consider New Years a sacred time to create new intentions !  Intentions for me are the thoughtful and intentional choices one dedicates energy, attention, effort, time and resources towards.  To make this memorable through the year, I recommend starting with the six basic questions of what do I want to START, STOP, SAVOUR, CONTINUE, CHANGE and CREATE?  With these, a theme often emerges.  This theme is your word to guide you through 2022.  Every month I invite you to view this theme through a different lens and create intentions and actions that deepen your experience of this theme guiding your life in 2022.

And if you don’t want to stop there and are looking for ways to organise yourself through the year to follow this path towards fulfillment, here are two tools others have told me about (thank you!) that have deepened their actions by highlighting values as the true decision makers to every action.

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Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. ~ Confucius   Blessings for 2022, Maria

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Welcome to 2022
Let's make it a real 2022 instead of 2020 too.